Rakesh Das - Developer, Innovator, Builder

Technologies I'm Familiar with

I have worked with many technologies throughout my career and expect to learn and work with even more advanced technologies in the future.
I have listed three of my strongest skills below.

Web Development

I have created websites from scratch and some I created with the Bootstrap framework. I have also done extensive work with Wordpress/PHP.

Android Development

I have rendered many Android apps, some of which were just experiments and some of which actually had left a dent somewhere. I am still currenly learning Java to increase my knowledge of Android Development.


I have picked up great knowledge of the C programming language while I was participating in my school's robotics club.

My Projects

I have completed many projects over the years, these are some of the highlights.
I have a lot more on my Github,which I use to house all a lot of my projects.

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Allows you to control you Sphero with a Myo gesture control armband.
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SMS Blocker

A prototype app to block SMS on Android devices.
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Word Definr

A simple dictionary app built in C#.
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Out the door!

A dashboard for viewing bus times and weather info.
View even more of my projects!

Services I Offer

Based on my skills, I am very capable of working on various projects. I can help on many projects that involve the skills listed below.

Web Development/Consulting

I can make HTML and Wordpress sites that look and function great. This is great if you are a business that needs a website. This is also helpful if you need a personal website, like the website you're on right now! Also, I can give recommendations on how get started with your online presence.

Video Editing/Production

I have been editing videos for as long as five years, using top notch software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, I can make professional looking videos for almost any occasion.

Android App Development

Although I haven't learnt Android development to it's full extent, I can still produce great looking apps! This is great if you are a small business and you would like to have a mobile presence as well as a web presence!

About Me

I am a 17 year old aspiring developer, currently attending my final year of high school in Chicago. I was interested in technology ever since I was introduced to my first computer and still continue to be astounded by the technological feats of today, and I try my best to contribute my skills to build the future. I was always interested in computers, but not specifically programming. When I first encountered programming, I thought it was hard to grasp and remember, therefore I avoided it for a long time. But, I learned more and more about, which opened me up to try programming. One of my first programs I created was a simple python script that spit out random strings. Ever since then, I was hooked and I still program to ths very day, trying to create something more powerful and more advanced than whatever I created yesterday.

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